Crusader Kings II expanderar med gamla gudar

Crusader Kings II expanderar med gamla gudar

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Av 2013-02-04 17:12

Det avancerade strategiliret Crusader Kings II expanderar under årets andra kvartal med tillägget Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods. Denna gång kommer du bland annat kunna lira som Pagan/hedning eller Zoroastrian och påbörja din kamp om herravälde år 867. Självfallet är inte det allt nytt som erbjuds, utan här nedan följer en lista med Paradox Interactives viktigaste poänger.

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– Religious Turmoil: Restore the Old Gods to prominence through sacrifice and divination, or force the pagans to convert through new missionary missions
– Earlier start: 200 years of more gameplay with the special 867 AD bookmark
– Rebels With a Cause: Rebels are no longer faceless rabble, but led by defined characters with specific agendas
– Adventurers: Watch as landless younger sons and charismatic warriors raise armies
– Pillage and Prosper: Loot provinces and burn cities to the ground – lest your warlike people grow angry during extended peacetime!
– Heathens: Convert them or play as them and survive, reforming your faith to stand the test of time
– Prepared Invasions: Declare your intent to invade a rich target, and watch adventurers and opportunists flock to your banner.
– Unholy UI: A new pagan interface is available alongside all-new events, decisions, and unit.




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