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All Hail Crytek...

Fattar inte vitsen med att spamma här inne så i'll keep it short and good...

Här är några av mina favorit Citat:

"I think it's awesome cuz it means some artist spent a day or two creating a next gen horse asshole, and even got paid for it!"

"Dustinhome är för familjefarsor utan koll.."

"Bert karlsson är sjukt ful, jävla hamster!"

"I do not understand well the English , excuse me . I do not understand to you"

"I can't understand what's wrong with seeing breasts. It's like when you are born you basically need them to live and it's acceptable to suck on them but then for the next 18 years your banned from seeing them again. W.T.F?"

"What a single barfight can cause (had a row in a bar with someone who insulted me with "filthy nord" so I killed him, the guard who came to his cries for help and so I slaughtered my way through the town and into the castle)"

"Now say goodbye to the past. The future is here, at last. The second coming. The new beginning. The truth is speaking. You should listen."

09-06-2007, 06:06 PM

"Your comp got raped.

Reinstall Windows."

We've been on planet earth for over 2 million years, developed incredible global technology, and this is how we use it?

Armageddon 2012. Bring it on.

yousendit. com /download/MVNmZXQwdkdkMnRMWEE9PQ
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