Makaveli var mannen på XSi som gjorde saker som ingen förväntade sig. Hans stil utanför spelet blev omtyckt av många och han var en av de absolut största favoriterna bland publiken. Vi lyckades få några kommentarer av Makaveli efter finalmatchen.

Alot of people didnt think you could make it so far. In the last game against Timber you played really well. Did you take it easy in the earlier games?

In the first games, I was more playing for fun and for giving the audince exciting games, as you could see I had a lot of aggresive pla., I´m glad I did as good as I did, I mean second place ain't too bad.

What do you think of the competition?

Fatality has trained his ass of for this but he seemed a bit off in our games. Some of the players were mostly teamplayers like DOOMer and Zibbo but they were still surprisingly good. I dedicated the Tourney 2 victory over Wombat to Xenon for his loss on Frag 3, because Wombat camped a lot and I kind of used his old stuff against him.

What do you think about the rest of the tournament?

I think its great, i have had loads of fun here.

Av: Carl Persson

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