Mark Larsen slog igenom under namnet Wombat när han rätt lätt vann Frag 2 Ground Zero. Det fortsatte senare med en andra placering Frag 3 och nu fjärdeplats i XSi.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Mark Larsen and I'm in High School. I like to play games with my brother and friends. I started to play Duke Nukem 3D and then played Quake and skipped Quake 2.

What made you well known?

Probably my first place at Frag2 Ground Zero and then second place at Frag3.

What do you think about the XSi tournament?

I think its great, games are on time and not to late. It's a very nice setup, everybody got their own personal space. Very very good.

Is the other players better or worse than you thought?

I didnt really expect anything. Top Americans and top Europeans are here and i have met many of them before but there are a few guys, like Insane, i don't know how to play against.

What do you think about Quake as a sport?

As long as there's many competions and a lot of sponsors, who is willing to pay money so you can make a living of it, i think it could be like a sport.

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