Med anledning av att speljätten Ubisoft som bäst jobbar på sin ubåtssimulator Silent Hunter III har man passat på att intervjuat spelets producent Florin Boitor för att påvisa vad som är att vänta när spelet väntas nå butikshyllorna nästa år. Intervjuen är alltså inte gjord av FZ, och återges därför i dess orginalutförande.

Ubisoft (US): Could you reveal how the dynamic campaign will work?
Florin Boitor (FB):
<font color="#cccc80"> This is one of the main features of SH3. The campaign is based on a huge simulation of the naval and aerial traffic for the U-boat theatres of operations between 1939 and 1945. It will be the playerÂ’s choice to decide where to fight during a patrol. The career will be influenced by his performances however, he can progress to a certain extend without any objective constraints. There are also many possibilities to start a career because you can also choose your start period and the flotilla you want to be assigned.

US: Will the player be able to adjust parameters as for example: Diving, Speed, Torpedos?
FB: <font color="#cccc80">Yes. The controls of the U-boat, represented in rather great detail, are completely under playerÂ’s control. This will include beside the depth, speed, direction things like the initial torpedo load out, the crew composition and the flak configuration.

US: What about navigation? How will maps look like? And what information will they include on?
FB: <font color="#cccc80">The map will resemble as much as possible a real map (paper texture, spots and used parts, handwriting, etc.). You will have the basic info according to contact updates from the sensors usable at a given time: if submerged with the periscope down, only hydrophone/sonar updates will be available and with limited information (target position will update at specific periods, class details will not be available, etc.)

US: How detailed will be the manual torpedo firing?
FB: <font color="#cccc80">On manual mode, firing a torpedo will involve the use of ship manual recognition, visual measurement of the target height, estimation of the angle on bow of the target and timed range recording. Plus the torpedo and salvo settings. I guess thatÂ’s pretty detailed.

US: Will the crew be able to use all weapon stations?
FB: <font color="#cccc80">The crew will use the deck gun and the flak armament. The crew will load the torpedoes but only the player can fire them.

US: Can crew be killed or injured? Will this cause overall morale to drop?
FB: <font color="#cccc80">Any casualties will affect the morale of the comrades onboard. Remember that the crew is an important part of the campaign, as it will gain experience and it will specialize. The veteran crews will really make an impact in the campaign.

US: Will enemy planes have real patrol areas? Will it be possible for them not to see us? Or will every plane magically appear over the horizon automatically vectored right over us like in SH II? Will friendly air patrols be threats also?
FB: <font color="#cccc80">The AI enemy planes ability to visually detect the player is affected by the visibility conditions. Of course, if the plane is equipped with radar, expect some "magical" apparitions over the horizon, automatically vectored right over playerÂ’s boat. After all the surprise air attacks are part of the ASW tactics, right?

US: Does the enemy AI differentiate between stuff like: scope being raised high/low, running at surface/decks awash?
FB: <font color="#cccc80">Keeping your periscope too high out of the water will have dire consequences if a destroyer is nearby and the visibility is good. The smaller your silhouette, the harder to spot you are so running at surface/deck awash will have a significant influence. Exposing a smaller silhouette to enemy will significantly lower the lookout, the radar and the asdic chances of finding you.

US: Does the weather change within a mission?
FB: <font color="#cccc80">We want to give the player a weather that is as close as possible to the real thing: wind change, clouds variations, sea state altering or improving, rain or snow according to latitude and season, etc.

US: Will there be storms with thunder and lightning?
FB: <font color="#cccc80">This is already in the game. Expect big waves, distant flashes and reverberating thunders. In addition, your crew will get tired faster in bad weather if you keep sailing at surface.

US: Will the game adjust the speed of a damaged target?
FB: <font color="#cccc80">The damaged targets will have different behaviour depending on what the damage is:
US: Will there be a realistic damage simulation for the U-boats?
FB: <font color="#cccc80">U-boats models used for simulation are quite complex. We simulate very accurate the structure of the U-boats not only as compartments but also, there are equipments assigned to each compartment and of course, crew. The behaviour is closely linked with the damage suffered. For example, if you have damaged the dive planes youÂ’ll have difficulties to maintain the current depth. Of course, you can assemble a repair team but not every damage can be repaired and youÂ’ll have to surface if the damage is external.

US: What are the details of the acoustic hydrophones, can we listen for contacts, and actually use the sound information to locate and track distant ships or convoys and identify ships?
FB: <font color="#cccc80">The player will be able to use the hydrophones to actually locate and track distant ships or convoys. The sound detail will allow you to recognize the type of ship you are hearing.</font></font></li></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font>

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