Inför lanseringen av taktikskjutaren Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter svarar förläggaren Ubisoft på sina egna frågor gällande spelets multiplayerläge. Tilltaget skall ses som ett rent marknadsmässigt initiativ och återges här oöversatt i den form materialet tillhandahållits. Som grädde på moset kan FZ visa en skärmdump från spelläget Domination. Själva spelet har svensk butikspremiär i maj.

What multiplayer modes have you included in GRAW PC?

- Cooperative lets you play the campaign with up to three other ghost players. One assumes the role of the team leader and issues orders through the HUD and tactical map to his fellow players, which they see as waypoints on their interface. This is a real evolution compared to games where a microphone is needed to play in coop. You can really organize your team with the tools of the single player. Deathmatch is also on the way thanks to an upcoming update (more to come soon) but the MP mode we are the most proud about is the Domination one.

Can you tell us more about the domination mode?

- Domination is an innovative new mode, featuring the control city block zones connected by supply lines. Each team starts at one side of the map in the first zone it controls. Zones are connected by supply lines, and are captured by occupying the zone for a period of time. Without supply line, you cannot control other zones, and you cannot get new equipment. When both teams are present in a zone, the ownership is challenged and ends with capture as soon as one of the teams overcomes the other one in numbers. This means you have to fight as a team and create a front to control the battle area. A good strategy will be the key in that exciting mode!

[bb]What makes the GRAW multiplayer modes so good and unique for you?[/b]

- The MP mode of the first GR has been very popular thanks to the advanced strategic aspect and today GRAW PC pushes the tactic even deeper for more unique and realistic sensations. First of all, the maps are huge, actually twice the size of the consolesÂ’ versions. The tactical map is also one of those strategic features that make GRAW so unique. In every mode you have to play as a team or you are a dead man, just like on a real battlefield. But if, at one point, your team need to disperse you can always see exactly where they are thanks to the tactical map (in coop) or minimap/status screen (in domination).

- The HUD is also an exclusive feature that really pushes the immersion of the player and contributes to create a real innovation in terms of gameplay. I am sure players will also love the scoring aspect of GRAW that rewards successful squad operations. The more you win the more you get to buy weapons and items to customize them. Last but not least we are one of the few using online physics. That means you can destroy vehicles or you enemy covers, which can make a huge difference on the battlefield.

What are the max number of players allowed and the min players required to play for each multiplayer mode?

- In coop you can play up to 4 players, one leader and 3 team mates. The Domination, as well as the Deathmatch mode, is available up to 32 players at the same time and 2 players is the minimum.

What are the system requirements in order to host your own server at home?

512Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a server on a full game. The game interface offers an option to limit the bandwidth, so that players with a limited connection can still enjoy the gameplay with less destruction effects (although a destroyed cover will still be destroyed), and will not drag down the other players on the same server, who have a better connection.

Can you give us the final specs of the game?

- You will need a 2 GHz Pentium IV or the equivalent with 1024 MB RAM and 5 GB of hard drive space, NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6/7 or ATI Radeon 9600-9800/X.

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