Call Of Duty: New Era Reveal Coming May 4Th

Call Of Duty: New Era Reveal Coming May 4Th

The next Call of Duty is set to be revealed this Sunday the 4th of may according to the website updates today!
The site shows a blurred out image with a countdown timer to the reveal date. However beyond the obvious the sites is also hiding some more secrets...

[info] <meta name="twitter:title" content="Get Ready for a New Era of Call of Duty&reg;" />[/info]

<meta name="twitter:description" content="Watch the World Reveal on 5/4/14 on

The websites main image which is named the 'glitch' is actually made up of several images, whilst trying to see if i could remove the image blur i noticed that there are also some hidden links which you can see below:
<div style="background-image: url(&quot;/content/dam/atvi/callofduty/new-era/set1_00000.jpg&quot;);" class="glitch-0"></div>
<div style="padding: 82px 1344px 6px 217px; width: 22px; height: 223px; background-image: url(&quot;/content/dam/atvi/callofduty/new-era/set1_00003.jpg&quot;);" class="glitch-1"></div>
<div style="padding: 125px 1141px 108px 117px; width: 325px; height: 78px; background-image: url(&quot;/content/dam/atvi/callofduty/new-era/set1_00003.jpg&quot;);" class="glitch-2"></div><a style="left: 89%; top: 17%;" href="" target="_blank"></a><a style="left: 24%; top: 52%;" href="" target="_blank"></a><a style="left: 87%; top: 55%;" href="" target="_blank"></a>[/info]

As you can see these links are :
- Wikipedia - Private military company
- New York Times - Mercenaries and Private Military Contractors
- MILITARY & DEFENSE - Blackwater, The Economist, Contractor

All of these topics relate to military topics and information


Call Of Duty: New Era Reveal Coming May 4Th

Trailern har redan läckt. Spelet heter visst "Advance Warfare", föga överraskande.

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