Betty tävling på MechWarrior: Living Legends

Betty tävling på MechWarrior: Living Legends


Vi har en Betty tävling på MechWarrior: Living Legends

Written by AoP

We're kicking off the month November with an interesting "Betty contest". In the case you haven't played any of the Mechwarrior games before, Betty is the sexy and sometimes sultry sounding voice of the Battlemech computers in the Mechwarrior series.

The contest is about finding a suitable voice from your wive, girlfriend, daugther, friend, etc. The winner(s) will be showcased in the November Newsletter for MW:LL and possibly included into the first release of the mod! (not guaranteed)

What you need to do:
-Obtain Girlfriend/Wife/Daughter/Female Friend
-Record a line from Mechwarrior Betty's (Bottom of this post are some example lines)
-Host the file somewhere
-Post link in our forums

All you need to do is recording your plain voice since the mechanical effect that makes it sound like Betty will be added by the team.

Recording Format: 44khz, 16bit, Mono

File formats we will accept: .ogg, .wav, .mp3

Here's an example from LandrosRadick's girlfriend:

Some tips for recording:
Have a noise canceling microphone (most microphones, including desktop ones provide this these days)
Hold the microphone about 4-6 inches AWAY from the mouth and nostril area, preferably to the side as to not pick up any breathing.
Tell her to try it multiple times (and it's ok to host the file with multiple takes on it) until she feels comfortable doing it.

Example Text:
"Ammunition Level Critical"
"Shutting down"
"Light Amplificatin Engaged"
"Autopilot Engaged"
"Autopilot Disabled"
"Image Enhancement Engaged"
"Shutdown Sequence initiated"
"Heat Level, Critical"
"Shutdown overridden"
"Enemy Mech Destroyed"
"All Points, attacking your target"
"Heat Level, Critical"
"Satellite link, established"
"Chain fire, engaged"
"Group Fire, engaged"
"All points, report target destroyed"
"Enemy Power up detected"
"Selfdestruct sequence initiated"

Good luck to everyone! We are looking forward to see you contributions!


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