Alpha levererad

Alpha levererad

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Earlier this week we delivered the Alpha Build to Capcom, and from a developer's perspective, this is always something special. For readers not familiar with the term, Alpha is the stage in development where the game has reached a level where it plays like the final product, and is sent off to external testers.

The Alpha stage in development is very hectic, as everything the production team has worked on has to come together, and for developers it is always a time of slight anxiety. But I'm very happy to say that it has turned out extremely well, and I can promise all the fans out there that they won't be disappointed with the result. Even though I see and work with the game every day, I am personally impressed with how much fun the game is to play now.

In the upcoming months we will work on continuing to add new areas and enemies in the game (yes, there is more environments then what you have seen in videos so far!) , and we will of course show more of the game to the public in the upcoming months.

I just wanted to thank all the gamers out there, and thanks for swinging by!

Dan "Dante" Thronström
Project Producer


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