Fanstratics - Nytt Heroes 3

Fanstratics - Nytt Heroes 3

Ett nytt spel är på G från lead designern från Heroes of Might & Magic 3, Gregory Fulton.
Han kallar det "A spiritual successor" till Heroes 3. David Mullich som var game director för Heroes 3 verkar vara inblandad i detta också. Han har även tagit kontakt med Paul Romero och Rob King som gjorde soundtracken. Vad tror ni? Kan det bli något?

" Lite FAQ med Gregory;

Is it really going to be like Heroes 3?


-The Adventure Map will be built on a tile based, square grid.
-The Townscape will fill the screen and have interactive structures.
-The Battlefield will fill the screen and use a hex gird.
-Currently, the game is being built in 3D, but the presentation is entirely 2D. For an example of this approach, I typically point people toward ‘Ori and the Blind Forest’.

Will Fanstratics deliver on the HoMM3 expectations? Is it even possible?

For the past 20 years, the Heroes community has been clamoring for a true sequel to Heroes 3. With Fanstratics, my goal is to give them what they want… and more. Anyone with any knowledge concerning video game development, knows the opportunities for failure are far greater than the chances for success… but I am hopeful.

Please keep in mind… I cannot ‘rip off’ Heroes 3. Gameplay mechanics cannot be copyrighted, but Ubisoft owns the ‘look-and-feel’ of Heroes 3.

I mention this because… there will be changes to the creative landscape. Factions, heroes, troops, spells, skills, artifacts, and adventure destinations, will all be ‘familiar but different’. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing… a refreshed approach offers the potential for revision, refinement, and evolution. This is what happened from Heroes 2 to Heroes 3.

What is target platform?

Windows PC. Heroes 3 was built for the PC, and the audience is still largely PC based. Fanstratics is a PC game, being built for the PC. Also, no mobile F2P shenanigans."

Kan de göra det Ubisoft inte kunde? Jag får bra magkänsla iallafall.

Skriv gärna upp er på nyhetsbrevet då det hjälper honom inför kickstarter kampanjen;


Fantastiska nyheter! Hoppas det går bra, har väntat sedan Heroes 3 på en bördig uppföljare! Gillar verkligen hans vision för spelet!

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