#Sony har skyfflat ut en ny version av mjukvaran som driver Playstation 3. Versionsnumret klättrar till 2.70 och nyheterna består bland annat i mer lättanvänd textchat, förbättringar av musikuppspelning och diverse nya funktioner när du är ute och surfar på nätet. Hela ändringslistan läser du nedan.

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  • Text chat: The update makes it easy to chat: just set up a chat room, select anyone from your Friends list and invite them in - they'll see an icon in the corner of their screen and know they?re wanted in your chat room. Up to 16 people can join the same room to chat using a controller, a connected keyboard or a Wireless Keypad. You can even start a chat while you're halfway through a game.

  • Dynamic Normaliser for music: When you're listening to a music playlist, a sudden increase in volume between tracks can make you jump out of your skin. Not any more - thanks to the Dynamic Normaliser, which reduces the difference in volume levels between your tracks and makes for a smooth listening experience all the way.

  • Better control of the Internet: Want to know more about the game you've just downloaded? Simply find its icon in your menu and select 'Internet Search' . you'll be taken straight online to search for information about it. The 2.70 update also allows you to cut and paste text from your Internet Browser as well as send message attachments up to 3MB in size.

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