Medan den största konkurrenten, #Battlefield 2142, betatestas för fullt tar utvecklarna bakom #Enemy Territory: Quake Wars det piano och skriver dagbok. I det senaste alstret skriver Paul Wedgwood om intrycket från [[QuakeCon]] i augusti samt tekniken bakom spelet.

As always, QuakeCon 2006 was simply amazing. I've witnessed QuakeCon really evolve in the seven years that I've now attended. What started out as a simple LAN party is now a celebration of all things id Software -- the gaming, tournaments, mod-making, presentations, crazy costumes, parties, the debauchery and all the entertainment they laid on -- it was all perfect. Yet despite this, the greatest moment for me was to finally witness the multiplayer gaming community play Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. I loved it.

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