Fick du blodad tand efter vår förhandstitt av #Europa Universalis III? I så fall kan du få en ytterligare informationsdos på FiringSquad, som pratat med Johan från #Paradox Interactive

FiringSquad: What kinds of improvements can we expect to naval gameplay, to reflect its historical importance? Will we see anything like blockades?

Johan: The original Europa Universalis games had blockades in them. However, there are three main improvements to the naval aspect of the game in EU3, which makes the importance of a navy much bigger. First of all, the naval warfare algorithm has changed, and there are individual ships of various types as frigates, ship of the lines, galleons and galleys. Secondly, we have changed the effects from blockades to severely cripple income from blockaded coastal provinces, and at the same time give part of that income to the country blockading. Finally, due to troop recruitment becoming extremely slow in colonies, and the fact that colonies can be seized without peace negotiations, a nation without local naval supremacy in a war, may lose their colonies.

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