Än har den gemene gamern inte fått sätta tänderna i #Id Softwares och #Splash Damages actionlir #Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Du kan däremot redan nu lägga upp din taktik då IGN fått tag i övergripande spaningsrapporter från ett av slagfälten, döpt till "Ark".

Deep within the Arctic circle lies the Ark, a high-security private DNA bank and bioresearch facility built on the shores of an icy coastal inlet. The GDF have tasked the Ark facility with decoding the Strogg genome. The Ark has recently reported a success in reverse-engineering Strogg biotechnology which might even allow a reversal of the Stroggification process. The Strogg command Nexus have learned of the GDF's plans and tasked a Strogg strike team to immediately penetrate the Ark and destroy all research and intelligence materials therein. The GDF must deploy rapidly to protect the Ark from the Strogg raiders.

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