Computer and Video Games har publicerat en ny intervju med [[Mark Rein]] från #Epic. Inte helt oväntat rör sig snacket kring deras två kommande titlar, #Unreal Tournament 2007 och #Gears of War som sedan dag ett bevisat vad [[Unreal Engine]] går för.

UT2007 has been in development for a while now. How is everything progressing?

Mark Rein: It's coming along pretty well, there's a lot of work to do. You know, UT is a game that has a lot of content, a lot of levels; it takes a long time - especially now with next-generation-quality artwork to get that all done and polished. Plus UT is such an important franchise to us we really want to take our time and get it right - that's why we've never really had a release date for this game, it's just when it's done, which really surprised us when people wrote 'the game is delayed' - what do you mean the game is delayed? All we said was that it's not coming this year, that doesn't mean it's delayed. We confirmed to people; don't save you money for this game for Christmas because you won't be getting it. Buy Gears of War (laughs).

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