IGN har tagit en titt på den andra expansionen till det brett prisade #Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War som ska släppas i slutet av nästa månad. Den senaste trenden i strategivärlden tycks vara att implementera en kartöversikt liknandes den i brädspelet Risk, någon som även återfinns i Dark Crusade.

Much like Rise of Nations, Total War, Empire at War, and others, the Dark Crusade campaign is set on a strategic map in which players have the freedom to attack and defend as they like. While players are taking the battle to new territory, enemy factions are doing the same. Each faction's attacking army is represented by a hero character. This character can attack any adjacent territory with one exception that we'll get into momentarily. If the hero is defeated in battle, they'll retreat back into the nearest friendly territory until the only territory left is their home base. Once that's gone, the faction is removed from the game as an aggressive force.

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