Som en kontring till Nintendos halvkaxiga [n=15505 uttalande] hittas en intervju med #Sony-chefen Phil Harrison på Gamepro. Han berättar bland annat att företagets (och dess kommande spelmaskins) styrka ligger i deras förflutna, med över 200 miljoner sålda exemplar av Playstation ett och två har de en väl etablerad kundkrets.

One of the things that we do have, and we would never rely upon it, but we do have 200 million plus PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 sales worldwide. And that gives us a very loyal fan base, who we could never upset and never take advantage of, but it gives us some fans who love what we do, and push us really hard to do the best that we can do. And they have been pushing us. I read the forums, and the newsgroups -- possibly some of the same ones that you read. And we've had some justifiable criticisms, and I won't try to defend that.

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