Det kräves ett gäng gamla #Westwood-anställda för att få ordning på [[Star Wars]]-sagan i strategikostym. #Star Wars: Empire at War fick överlag bra betyg och därför är såklart en expansion på gång, döpt till Forces of Corruption, och på 3D Avenue hittar du ett färskt intryck.

FoC introduces a new force to the 'Star Wars: Empire at War' world, the Zann Consortium, in the time period just after the Death Star has been destroyed. In a way, the Zann Consortium combines the qualities of both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance - they have selfish intentions for galactic domination like the Empire, but they steal, bribe, sabotage and intimidate their way into power and possession of weapons and technology like the Alliance rather than R&D. The Zann Consortium is lead by a human character named 'Tyber Zann' with most of the story revolving around his personal conflict with Jabba the Hutt, as well as his desire to control the underground of the entire galaxy, and secure a battleship in production rumored to be more powerful than the Death Star.

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