#Kuma Reality Games har gjort sig kända genom att finansiera sina episodindelade spel helt genom reklam. Deras krigssimulator #Kuma War är uppe i avsnitt 78 så än så länge visar redovisningen plus. #DinoHunters är namnet på det senaste projektet och beskrivs som en kaotisk deathmatchupplevelse med massor av dinosaurier (såklart) vars tredje del precis har släppts. Mer om den och spelet i allmänt står att läsa på FiringSquad

FiringSquad: First, how did the idea for Dinohunters come about?

Keith Halper: We have long envisioned ourselves as creating an analog for TV within the game world ? free, ad-sponsored games that would be delivered episodically, just like TV. Kuma\War was our news-like ?show,? but we wanted our next series to be a lighter, funny game that would appeal to our audience in a different way. I had been working with Keith Blanchard, former editor-in-chief of Maxim Magazine, to help us develop the concept, but we hadn?t succeeded in getting the right combination of ?guy game? and ?guy show.? Keith is the unparalleled expert in reaching guys, and I trust his judgment completely in this regard. He wasn?t laughing at our treatments so I knew we just weren?t there.

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