Efter ett antal hjärtekrossande nedläggningar är nu [[Sam & Max]] på väg tillbaka till våra skärmar, igår kunde #Telltale Games förklara utvecklingen som avklarad. #Sam & Max Episode 1: Culture Shock kommer att ha premiär på prenumerationstjänsten Gametap den 17 oktober och släppas fritt den 1 november.

Production on Sam & Max Episode 1 halted... because it's done!

Yes, you read that right. After a lot of careful thought on the matter, we've decided to stop working on Sam & Max Episode 1, Culture Shock.

This surprise move came a few days ago, when intrepid game designer Brendan Q. Ferguson climbed onto his chair, pointed a finger toward the ceiling, and shouted, "Eureka!" This wouldn't have been so unusual by itself, as Brendan is known for climbing on chairs and shouting things, but this time the exclamation was followed by an emphatic, "By god, I think we're finished!" Cautious optimism erupted into wild applause around the office as the impact of these words sunk in. Champagne flowed, baked goods were laid out, confetti was thrown. Brendan was hoisted up onto the shoulders of Randy Tudor and Dave Grossman and paraded around the office in a lopsided fashion. "Three cheers for Culture Shock!" we shouted, and "Ding dong, the witch is dead!" and other nonsense, as sleep-deprived geniuses are wont to do.

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