I #Dark Messiah of Might & Magics flerspelarläge kommer du att kunna välja mellan fem karaktärsklasser, vardera med sina för- och nackdelar enligt gängse fantasystandard. GameSpot har tittat närmare på bågskytten och magikern, vilka attacker de kan och hur de kan uppgraderas.

The archer is the "sniper" class of Dark Messiah's multiplayer mode. It's also the class that offers an experience closest to that of a traditional first-person shooter. However, hitting a target with an arrow won't be easy in Dark Messiah. The game's physics model means that arrows in flight behave like the real thing, so you have to compensate for range and movement when you aim. If the target is far away, you should aim high, and hopefully the arrow will arc into your target. If your target is moving side to side, you should lead your target. It'll take practice to be able to hit a target reliably, but once you do, you can inflict a large amount of damage with a single shot.

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