#Activision har skickat över information och bilder från en av banorna i #Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, döpt till "The Ark". Genom att klicka på "Läs mer" får du en överblickskarta med beskrivande text och två skärmdumpar.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

Ark Tactical Overview


Deep within the Arctic circle lies the Ark, a high-security private DNA bank and bioresearch facility built on the shores of an icy coastal inlet. The GDF have tasked the Ark facility with decoding the Strogg genome. The Ark has recently reported a success in reverse-engineering Strogg biotechnology which might even allow a reversal of the Stroggification process. The Strogg command Nexus have learned of the GDF?s plans and tasked a Strogg strike team to immediately penetrate the Ark and destroy all research and intelligence materials therein. The GDF must deploy rapidly to protect the Ark from the Strogg raiders.

The vital research is in a Laboratory hidden deep within the Ark facility, behind massively armoured doors. The only way the Strogg can gain access to the lab interior is by destroying the doors with a Mining Laser, but they cannot deploy this massive excavation device until they disable the GDF Jamming Tower which is scrambling their deployment sensors.

Tactical Overview

Right now, the GDF control all the red territory: they have established a base near the Ark facility and a Jamming Tower (A) that prevents the Strogg deploying heavy ground units, such as the Mining Laser required to blast open a route into the Ark facility.

The Strogg hold the green territory. The Strogg will begin their assault from a fortified forward base in the South-East corner of the map, up the main road.

The GDF base to the North-West (7) is not you?re the Strogg?s primary objective, but anything their Infiltrators can do to impede GDF reinforcement or confound their communications will help.


As the Strogg, you?ll have to fight your way through the map territory by territory. First get your Aggressors to destroy the Jamming Tower Generator (A) by planting and arming Plasma Charges. Once the Jamming Tower is disabled, the Mining Laser can be deployed to the central islet which must then be set up by Constructors (B).

Once active, the Mining Laser will blast open the Ark facility?s armoured doors (C), allowing the Strogg to assault the Laboratory inside. Strogg Infiltrators can call in PsiRadar and their Oppressors call in Bombardment deployables to aid their assault across the bridge, through the doors and into the Ark labs (D).

Each Strogg objective completed wins the surrounding territory, turning it green for the Strogg, and allowing them to deploy PsiRadar, Defence Turrets and Bombardment therein. Capturing the islet also moves their spawn forward.

The GDF must impede the Strogg?s progress within the time limit to secure victory.

Objective A ? Destroy the Jamming Tower Generator

An Aggressor must plant and arm a Plasma Charge on the Generator and defend it until it detonates.

Objective B ? Construct the Mining Laser

A Constructor must construct the Mining Laser before it can blast open the fortified Ark facility doors.

Objective C ? Destroy the Research Laboratory

A Strogg Aggressor must destroy the Research Lab by planting and arming a Plasma Charge on the Lab Equipment and defending it until detonation.

Numbered Icon Key

1 ? The Strogg Base. Constructors can plant proximity mines and deploy defence turrets to further secure the area.

2 - Estuary Boom side route. This pontoon bridge allows a long way round to outflank and attack the GDF defences.

3 - GDF Engineers can deploy defence turrets and plant landmines here to repel Strogg attacks on the Jamming Tower Generator from the South

4 - GDF initial spawn. The GDF will deploy forwards from here to defend the Jamming Tower Generator (A).

5 - Coast Road side route allows the Strogg to rapidly attack GDF rear areas.

6 - Strogg Spawn Point. Strogg forces will spawn here automatically once the Mining Laser is repaired and the Territory is captured.

7 - GDF Base. Strogg Infiltrators may attempt to hack the Command Centre to interfere with GDF reinforcements.

8 ? Strogg Capturable Spawn. Once the Mining Laser has blasted the doors open (C), the Strogg can capture this point to spawn nearer the frontline action.

9 - Dome side entrance, allows Strogg another way into the Ark dome interior.

10 - Interior Lab entrance. GDF Engineers can deploy landmines to defend the lab objective, but not defence turrets.

11 - GDF Spawn. The GDF will spawn here once the Strogg destroy the Ark doors with the Mining Laser.

12 ?The Ark Laboratory. The GDF must defend this final objective room to prevent the Strogg planting a Plasma Charge and destroying the vital research.

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