GameSpy har langat upp den tredje i serie utvecklardagböcker från #Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, skriven av chefsdesignern Paul Wedgewood. I dagens inlägg berättar han om vikten av story i deras actiontitel, något som brukar vara hårdbantat i nätorienterade spel.

Quake 2 was groundbreaking in many ways -- from the huge leaps forward in graphics to subtleties such as selecting from your inventory while being able to crouch, then returning fire on an enemy that knew how to dodge your attack. It's strange to think that all these years later, the press also wrote about Quake 2 being groundbreaking because it was a first-person shooter with a story. You fought your way linearly through the game, maintained contact with your command who'd brief you on your progress, completing a series of story-driven tactical missions.