Det finns ett fåtal utvecklarveteraner som hittils inte släppt en dålig titel och [[Sid Meier]] är en av dem. När Shacknews nyligen träffade honom var de nyfikna på hans syn på spelbranschen, vad han tycker om modeord såsom episodindelning och digital distribution till exempel.

Shack: Things in the industry seem to be hurtling in the direction of online, online, online. What is your stance on digital distribution via services such as Steam that allow you to purchase games over the Internet? Good, bad, somewhere in between?

Sid Meier: I don't really have a "stance" on the topic, but I think it makes sense to have games available for purchase online. Some of our games are available on IGN's Direct2Drive and it's certainly a convenient way to purchase games.

Shack: What about episodic content?

Sid Meier: It's a very cool idea that allows developers to deliver fresh content to gamers on an ongoing basis, which keeps the game experience fun and rewarding for players...for a very long time.

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