I det främre ledet av tredjepartstillverkade antifusksystem står företaget #Even Balance, med deras fleråriga produkt [[Punkbuster]]. Deras ständigt växande spelportfölj består idag av cirka 20 titlar men fler är på väg, bland annat det massiva onlinerollspelet #Ultima Online.

FiringSquad: Recently Even Balance announced a deal to provide PunkBuster support for Ultima Online. How different is it to develop the program to work on an MMORPG title?

Tony Ray: Almost all the differences involve reducing PunkBuster's bandwidth usage between the server and game client. For example, in non MMOGs, PunkBuster updates are streamed to servers from our masters and then the server streams in the background to each connected out-of-date client during gameplay. For MMOGs, PunkBuster clients pull new updates directly from our masters to avoid over-burdening the game server with trying to update hundreds or thousands of players at the same time. Other than that, the technical details associated with detecting cheats is exactly the same for MMOGs.

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