FZ bjuder på fullständiga listan över bonusgrejerna som betalande Call of Duty: Elite-medlemmar får gotta sig åt.

#Activisions kommande online-tjänst Call of Duty: Elite (läs här om du missat utannonseringen) erbjuder gratis tillgång till DLC-paket (minst 20 är planerade!), dagliga tävlingar och unika klan-features för de som är betalande medlemmar. Årskostnaden hamnar på 49,99 dollar, vilket motsvarar drygt 320 kronor.

Nedan ser du den fullständiga listan (via Eurogamer) på alla bonusgrejer du får om du betalar.

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20 pieces of DLC released over nine months
Prized events
Prized operations
Prized tactical operations with in-game playlist and modes
Prized clan operations
Official leagues
Level up your clan through clan operations
Unlock clan level benefits
Unique in-game gold clan tag
Exclusive in-game clan player cards and emblems
Access to all in-game clan title cards
Access to all in-game clan emblems
Access hours of pro video guides for every weapon and map
Professional tactics and help
Share expert community playbooks and strategies fro every map and mode
Join premium groups
Early access to test new Elite features
Eight times more HD video capacity for video uploads
Four times more user storage for match replays and two times greater video export length
Access to Elite TV - episodic video entertainment made by top talent

Those who pre-order Elite premium status or the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 3 also get Elite Founder status which nets the following additional perks:

Exclusive founder weapon camo
Founder clan XP boost
Exclusive founder in-game player card
Exclusive founder in-game emblem
Founder private group
Exclusive founder Call of Duty Elite profile skin
Exclusive competitions and prizes

#Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 släpps den åttonde november till pc, Xbox 360, Wii och Playstation 3. Titeln kommer utnyttja Call of Duty: Elite-tjänsten.

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