Kommer [[Medal of Honor]]-serien att med titeln Airborne återta tronen som de fetaste andra världskrigspangarna? Svaret får vi inte förrän första kvartalet nästa år men Hookedgamers har langat upp en tvåsidig förhandstitt om spelet.

I still have very vivid memories of my first encounter with Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. The Normandy Beach mission that starts you off in the game was a perfect 'digitization' of the Normandy Beach scene in Saving Private Ryan, a movie that was a big inspiration to the developers. I think I had to redo the part that leads from the boat to the bunker at least five times before succeeding. Every time the shock of the brutal chaos around me put my adrenaline levels sky-high and, although it subsided later on, had me shaking in my chair.

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