Precis som utlovat har en demoversion av #Sid Meier's Railroads! dykt upp under dagen. Överkomliga 265 MB innehåller en tutorial och en bana lämplig för två spelare. Du hämtar smakprovet från filarkivet.

Lite om innehållet:

The demo scenario is a small-sized map, built for 2-player play, which contains some of the many goods, resources and industries you'll have access to the in the full retail game.

You will begin in the town of Towson, with 50 game years to complete four objectives. These objectives can be accessed at any time by pressing the [Victory Screen] hotkey (default: F3). In this demo, you will have access to five specially selected trains from across Europe and the US. New trains will be made available every ten game years. Hint: the town of New Freedom is just to the West of Towson, and it supplies and demands passengers and mail. It's also one of the cities you need to connect to your line as part of your first objective. (Try running track there and setting up a passenger line between New Freedom and Towson.)

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