Vad som är läskigast i spel har debatterats friskt under dagen efter GameTrailers försökte [n=16046 utse] de bästa skräckspelen genom åren. Next Generation försöker inte värdera olika produktionerna utan istället listar de tio punkter som måste uppfyllas för att skapa ett läbbigt spel.


"Fear" is actually a blanket term for a whole litany of related, though subtly different, forms of discomfiture. Decide right off what particular kind of fear (or mix of fears) you mean to explore. Focus is everything; do you want to evoke worry? Anxiety? Terror? Horror? Paranoia? Panic? Dread? They all cause different physiological responses, and are all triggered somewhat differently. My tip: if you want to truly affect the player, go after the deepest and most lingering, yet most abstract fears – anxiety, dread. Subtle things that nevertheless build up under a person's skin until he's too stiff to go on. It's hard to just brush off a generalized sense of malaise, as there's no specific target to defuse it.

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