Geni eller skrytmåns, vad du än tycker om [[Peter Molyneux]] går det inte att tvista om att han legat bakom många fantastiska spel. När Gamasutra träffade honom i London hade han precis avslutat två föreläsningar om #Fable 2 och #Lionheads företagshistoria, vilket det pratades mer om under intervjun.

GS: So what can you say about Fable 2?

PM: Here’s the thing about Fable 2 – the whole reason that Lionhead exists, the reason that Microsoft acquired us, and the reason that I still am passionate about games is about innovation. We should kick every single foundation stone that we’ve got in Fable 2 – the way we’ve done that is with lots of experiments.

There are experiments with how we tell the story, experiments with what the world is and what the world means, experiments with - and this is probably the biggest experiment of all – the emotions I want you to feel as a player.


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