Om veckans [n=16240 snack] med Bill Roper inte gav svar på alla dina frågor kring deras avtal med #Electronic Arts så hittas en ny intervju på GameDaily. När de fråtetecknen har rätats ut får vi också ett par droppar information om vad #Flagship Studios planerar för varumärket #Hellgate: London:

We have already done a lot of work in terms of the Hellgate: London franchise. From a comics series with Dark Horse to a trilogy of novels with Simon and Schuster to a manga with Tokyo Pop to the collectible statuettes with WETA workshop, we have ancillary products already coming out and planned for release over the next 1-2 years. We are also working on a couple of other projects right now that will both support and expand the world of Hellgate: London. We've always envisioned this as a franchise in which Flagship Studios makes the game, but is also alive and vibrant and compelling in many other mediums.

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