Löftet infriades, #Company of Heroes-uppdateringen till version 1.3 släpptes i afton. Det rör sig om en 113 MB tung skapelse som, bland mycket annat, adderar en multiplayerbana, arbetar om reprissystemet, lägger till nya kameralägen, städar buggar och förbättrar prestandan. Du hämtar den från filarkivet.

Company of Heroes version 1.3

New Features

# New multiplayer map: 6P_Seine River Docks

# New and improved Game Replay functionality allows players to view the game from a selected player's perspective in slow motion or fast forward. In addition the game UI can now be minimized to reveal a larger viewing space of the action going on in the replay. To compliment this, a new Cinematic Mode allows players to sit back and enjoy the show.

# Cinematic Mode camera

# Replay your battles as the game automatically switches between cinematic camera angles, capturing the sound and fury of war from the combatants' perspective.

# IME support for Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista


# Improved SLI performance on Nvidia systems using the latest drivers.

General Fixes

# BugReport has more space on the success dialog to show Cyrillic text.

# Far East characters will not clip when listed in a multi-line text box.

# 30260 is now listed as the correct port to leave unblocked.

# Removal of ghost bug that could leave duplicates upon reload of a saved game.

# The playback controls for viewing a recorded game have their graphics fixed.

Campaign Changes

# Medal text is now visible (Korean)

# Reinforce radius has been fixed on certain buildings.

# M02: Fixed several instances of having the wrong named character's picture attached to subtitled text.

# M02: Game no longer incorrectly instructs the player to reinforce the squad.

# M04: Fixed a Fatal Scar Error that occurred when the church is taken back by the enemy forces, just as the timer ends, and as the cinematic is about to begin.

# M05: Convoy will no longer exit the map using an unsecured road after you complete the final objective

# M08: Fixed critical error after countdown reaches 0 after holding the city centre point

# M10: The ''Select HQ'' Button now properly selects the forward HQ

# M10: Fixed the lack of audio for subtitled text.

# M10: Game no longer incorrectly instructs the player to convert a building outside controlled territory

# M11: Briefing fixed subtitle timing issue

Gameplay Changes

# Fixed the problem where mouse-clicking on a unit onscreen under heavy loads often does not result in the unit being selected.

# Improved load times by fixing pathfinding regens.

# Fixed the bug where capturing an enemy weapon resulted in it having enemy unit occlusion.

# Veterancy speech samples are now triggered correctly.

# The vehicle repair icon now shows up offscreen.

# Fix for Allied Engineers becoming trapped when building barbed wire close to sandbags or other obstacles, which prevents them from completing orders.

# All sectors default to neutral on Map Montherme, previously one player would start with ownership of a sector.

# Allied and Axis HQs can no longer be deleted by the player.

# Players will no longer lose munitions income from creating an Axis Sniper.

# Axis Blitzkrieg ability now displays appropriate icon over Axis Anti-Tank Gun.

# Axis Halftracks and Allied halftracks will now carry a maximum of 3 squads total opposed to 4.

# Weapon capture squads can now reinforce to full squad size.

# Tuned projectile launcher location for Axis Pak 38 so it now shoots from the correct gun height.

# Sniper "Make Casualty" or "Hit but not killed" criticals no longer kill their target. The result of this is that Snipers will no longer one-shot-kill other Snipers if they have full health.

# Allied Engineers had a 1% chance to instantly kill a target, this was fixed and they now operate as intended.

# Fix for the computer AI constantly cancelling construction and rebuilding a structure when destroying the building and staying in the area in any game.

# Allied Engineer Demolitions ability will now destroy an Axis Security Post in one detonation as intended.

# Axis Salvage ability is no longer giving inappropriate returns for the Axis Halftracks and Stug.

# Allied Rangers were detecting camouflaged units at a very high radius, this has been reduced to the standard radius for infantry units.

# Axis Flammenwerfer Halftrack will now successfully upgrade when pioneers are loaded inside.

Online Changes

# Fixed the issue of split or cut-off text when viewing the Play Now screen in the Online Lobby on 1920x1200 (widescreen)

# Players should now hear an audio prompt when sending a chat message to an ally or enemy.

# The scrollbar for the player list now resets properly to the top position when switching between chat channels in the online lobby

# Fixed the bug where Annihilation games would end before players could see the enemy's HQ collapsing.

# Users with slower computers will see each other properly in the game lobby.

# Most Wins list and top 15 players list display properly in the Leaderboard 1v1 bracket.

# Players looking for Ranked Games are no longer displayed as "0" on the News tab.

# Fix for cut-off and split text in the Online Lobby when viewing 1920x1200 widescreen in Polish, Spanish, Czech, German and Italian.

Performance Fixes

# Performance measurements now include loading time.

# Fix for no SFX, Music or Speech play if you ALT-TAB from the MP lobby and ALT-TAB back after the game has loaded.

# Fixed a crash relating to players logging out of Relic Online during the countdown to game launch.

# UI now properly filtering out old replays from previous versions of the game.

Balance Changes

# Axis Ostwind has more frequent reloads, will be less effective vs units in cover or in buildings.

# Axis Ostwind's damage to player-buildings has been reduced (35-40% reduction)

# Axis Panther tuning moderate speed and rotation rate increases (bringing mobility a bit closer to the Allied Sherman).

# Axis Armoured Car cost increased by 10 fuel.

# Axis Stug build time increased by 10 seconds.

# Allied Sherman main gun effectiveness vs. units garrisoned within ambient buildings reduced.

# Allied Sherman main gun Area of Effect damage slightly lowered.

# Fixed the Allied Bazooka's unnecessary accuracy penalty vs. the Axis Stug and Panzer IV.

# Allied Airborne Satchel charges strengthened against buildings and bunkers.

# Fortify the Perimeter Commander Tree item in the Defensive Doctrine has had a 1 Commander Point reduction.

# Axis Flak 88 Commander Tree item in the Defensive Doctrine has had a 1 Commander Point increase.

# For the Fatherland ability cost has been reduced by 40%.

# All vehicle main guns effectiveness vs. infantry in cover reduced.

# Sherman Calliope Main Turret reload time is 50% slower than the standard Sherman.

# Allies Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) is significantly less effective on the move.

Mod Support

# Scenario pack support

# A scenario pack (*.sga file) is an archive that contain all the files needed for a scenario allowing for easy map sharing. To play a new map put the scenario pack in the "$CoHInstallDir\WW2\Scenarios\" or the "My Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes\Scenarios\" folder.

# Added the Worldbuilder tool.

# Added the MovieMaker tool.

# Supports export of scenario packs by selecting Export Scenario in the File menu.

Faktiskt inte, jag missade inte det - utan jag svarade på ena delen. Lägg märke till att jag inte citerat delen där du frågar var man ser vilken version man kör. För den delen är det lätt att veta, har du patchat tidigare? Om inte, tja - då finns det... 16/11 Varför tittar du inte efter själv? Måste ju gå fortare än att fråga här... (Ps. det bör finnas en Release_Notes_English.txt i din mapp om du patchat som berättar vilken version du har samt vad som ändrats...om du nu inte lyckas finna ver-info i spelet.) 16/11 Du kanske har missat ngra lektioner sj o specielt läsförståelsedelen. *blink* VAR I SPELET KAN JAG SE VILKEN VERSION AV SPELET KÖRS PÅ NU, är du med? Är det i Menu bilden? eller är det i inslällnings bilden? 16/11 Tja..första patchen heter: En_1_0_0_to_1_2_0.exe och andra: EN_1_2_0_to_1_3_0.exe ..nu ska vi se vad du lärt dig i skolan ;) 16/11 Var kan man se vilken version spelet har nu ? om det är 1.0 eller 1.2 ? Och räckder det med att patcha med 1.3 för att få allt rättat eller måste man patcha med äldre patchar? 16/11 Så. Bra. Spel. Nu måste jag bara skaffa ny burk så att jag kan ösa på med full krom :D 16/11 Fick en länk till en film som visar en kritisk bugg angående tanktrapps. Det går för Allies att forcera dem med mindre tanks tydligen. I filmen hade de byggt tanktrapps över en hel bro för att visa, och sedan radat upp olika Allies fordon som sen en eft... 16/11 Gott. Här skall testas. :) 16/11 Tackar. Kan knappt vänta på och pröva den nya kamerafunktionen imorgon :) 15/11 :up: 15/11
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