Chris Taylor har återigen frågats ut angående #Supreme Commander som för närvarande betatestas för fullt. För frågorna står Computer and Video Games.

So with three months to go, all the features are in there - are you doing loads of balancing at the moment?

Taylor: Yes. RTS games are hard to do, so they'll never be 100% balanced even when the game ships - it's a work in progress. After people play it, hundreds and thousands of them - maybe even millions - then you get better data and can do a better job of balancing the game. We're going to balance it, don't get me wrong... But we're just not going to get every last thing tied down till we've had some time pass to really study it. Heck, Blizzard brought out a patch for StarCraft in this last year. I mean, that's eight years later! The more complex, interesting and dynamic a game is, the more balancing you need to do...

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