I början av månaden [n=16104 stod det klart] att en kommersiell uppföljare till den bejublade modden #Natural Selection är på gång. Spelutveckling kostar pengar och därför var den finansiella biten en bred fråga när FiringSquad intervjuade Charlie Cleveland på #Unknown Worlds.

FiringSquad: How much of the project will be funded based on the sales of your causal game that you developed and how much is being funded by other investors?

Charlie Cleveland:I actually have a little more fine tuning and polish to do on Zen of Sudoku, so it hasn't been released widely yet. I've been selling the beta from www.zenofsudoku.com for a few months now but it will be released on Steam in about a month then on three other big portals soon after, so I'm not who much that will contribute to NS2 development yet.