#Electronic Arts har langat upp en hemknåpad intervju med Richard Taylor, mannen som regisserar mellansekvenserna i #Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Spelet ska som bekant gå tillbaka till 90-talstrenden att låta skådespelare föra storyn framåt, ett koncept det första spelet var med och startade.

How are you taking the live action cinematics in Command & Conquer 3 to a new level of story-telling in video games?

A: There are a lot of things we're doing to improve the storytelling in C&C 3. First we have a script that has a lot more intricate and interesting human interaction, more emotion. Also there's a more complex storyline running throughout the game. The dialog is more refined and believable...the main characters are more real. The previous C&C games were not nearly as refined in their script and writing as in C&C 3. Secondly, we have a cast that is comprised of some very distinguished actors who bring more emotion and believability to their roles. There's a lot of heart in this game.

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