När kontrollen till [[Wii]] presenterades var det många, däribland undertecknad, som började fantisera om förstapersonsspel. Det insåg #Activision och satte #Treyarch på att göra #Call of Duty 3 till konsolen men ska vi tro GameSpy nådde de inte ändra fram till förväntningarna.

The only thing really joltingly new about Call of Duty 3 for Wii is the novel control scheme. Aiming is achieved simply by pointing at the screen, which serves to move the crosshair around. Turning is as simple as moving the cursor nearer the screen's edge, resulting in turns of varying speed. Meanwhile, the Nunchuk hands running, strafing, duck and jumping. Things are rounded out with a few gestures. Jolting the Nunchuck right switches weapons, while thrusting the remote serves as an alternate way to melee. (I prefer the button.) You can even throw grenades by flicking the Nunchuk, but again, I preferred to stick to the button method.