I mars [n=12279 öppnade] öppnade #BioWare nytt kontor i Austin i syfte att angripa den populära onlinerollspelsmarknaden. Folket som jobbar där bär fortfarande munkavel, några nya detaljer kring deras spel dök inte upp när 1Up intervjuade dem. Istället får vi veta att de utvecklat spelet i snart ett år och de har kommit långt i det förberedande arbetet.

James Ohlen, creative director, BioWare Austin: We've got a lot designed -- we've got the GDD [game design document] done, we've finished more than three quarters of the detail design documents. We've got a couple prototypes up.

We've licensed [Simultronics'] HeroEngine. It's a very good engine, and we're very impressed with it so far.

And we can talk about the high-level goals: We basically want to bring what BioWare's famous for to the online space, and one of the things BioWare's famous for is storytelling ... and it's something that pretty well doesn't exist in the online space right now. Most "storytelling" in MMORPGs is just FedEx quests -- you know, you have to go get some eggs -- and it's presented in a format that's just a bunch of text thrown at you in paragraph for ... and that's not so exciting. We want to bring a level of storytelling that's equal to the single-player box games that BioWare has done. I think we can do that. One of the big challenges will be making our storytelling work in an environment that has multiple players.

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