Häromdagen uppdaterades Aion till version 2.7 – FZ berättar allt du behöver veta!

I förrgår (vi har missat detta, sorry) uppdaterades onlinerollspelet #Aion till version 2.7. Bland de stora nyheterna märks kanske framförallt den nya pvp-arenan Crucible Coliseum och en hel drös med quests och finjusteringar.

Översiktliga patch notes läser du nedan, men vill du hellre läsa en mer detaljerad version hänvisar vi dig hit.

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Aion 2.7

Celebrate the launch of Aion 2.7 with the Game Guide's official launch index! Here we have compiled a table of all the major changes introduced in the 2.7 update, including:

The new Crucible Coliseum PvP Arena, which includes two PvP inspired Instanced Dungeons!

- The Arena of Discipline features one on one death matches in four different stages--brandish weapons and spells

to dominate opponents, and earn crucible insignias and medals at their expense!

- The Arena of Chaos features a frenzied ten Daeva free-for-all in six different stages--run, hide, and strike when

opponents are at their most vulnerable to succeed in this ruthless environment, and earn crucible insignias and

medals for wreaking carnage.

The new Padmarashka's Cave Alliance Instanced Dungeon, a reimagining of the Padmarashka encounter with new Quests, loot, and a few twists!

Numerous refinements to PvP in Balaurea, including improved Platinum Medal Quests, and retuned Mastarius and Veille encounters, offering additional rewards!

New rewards from the merchants in the Kaisinel Academy and Marchutan Priory, including powerful PvP equipment purchasable with currencies from the Crucible Coliseum.

Numerous refinements to existing skills, including reductions in the cooldowns and DP cost of several abilities.

Much, much, much more!

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