"Origins"-rullen går tillbaka till rötterna och visar hur det senaste äventyret passar in i seriens erkänt förvirrade tidslinje.

Ja, är det egentligen någon som kan svara på hur Zelda-seriens tidslinje är besläktad? "Angry Video Game Nerd" gjorde sitt försök, och även andra har försökt men misslyckats.

Den senaste #The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword-rullen ska uppenbarligen visa hur spelet hänger ihop med #Ocarina of Time, men åtminstone för undertecknad så är detaljerna en aning grumliga.

Men vad tusan, man kan ju också bara titta på trailern och njuta av det man ser!

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För er som funderar kring Zelda-seriens tidslinje rekommenderas de två nedanstående filmerna.

AVGN: Chronologically confused about the Legend of Zelda Timeline

"Link to the Future"

Vill du ha en "experttolkning" av trailern kan du kila över till Zelda Informer, eller alternativt läsa deras sammanfattning nedan.

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Link seems to start off entering some kind of Hylian temple - is it the Temple of Time? He seems to have caught up to the Sheikah we see protecting Zelda elsewhere.
Looks like the desert area isn't just a desert after all. By reversing time with those strange Sheikah stones, Link restores life to the land and power to the technology resting there.
The Technoblins here definitely look decked out for battle. Glad to see their appearances vary by region.
Whatever this temple is, it's definitely following the technological motif used by the Tower of the Gods and Twilight Princess's Temple of Time. Beamos everywhere.
Link can use the Gust Bellow to manipulate some of the mechanical objects in the temple, like this platform.
Does that Beamos have a... mouth? I guess the ones in Ocarina of Time sort of did as well...
The Scorpion is the boss of this dungeon. It pops out of the sand in the boss chamber and attacks Link.
Link meets an old Impa-like woman at the heart of a sacred shrine. She shares the long braid of her fellow Sheikah. Ancient runes rise up from the ground, apparently connected to Link's harp.
The giant "wind fish" rises from the clouds. Looks like it's a lot more major than we thought. Maybe this is another of the Imprisoned's forms?
Another glimpse at Flooded Faron Woods. Will we find out what's going on here before release, or will this remain a mystery?
Now I'm not so sure when we visit the Ancient Cistern area. Looks like Link already has a late-game form of the Goddess Sword!
Link spots a dragon in the lava in Eldin Volcano. Looks like there'll be dragons in each area - one for each Goddess?
Din's fires burn above one of the Hylian crest markers, and get absorbed by the Goddess Sword, which transforms into a near-complete state.
Now we get a closer look at the scene where Ghirahim attacks Zelda. That Sheikah definitely raises a barrier to protect her... and then the trailer ends.

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