Nej, det är inte den sköna söderjycken som ska bli spel i #Ubisofts regi, utan den sjätte filmen med Stallone som ringnötare. Inledningsvis verkar det bara bli en Playstation Portable-titel lagom till filmens premiär, men jag skulle inte bli förvånad om även andra plattformar får sig en rak höger av ettor och nollor.


Copenhagen, Denmark December 14, 2006

Today Ubisoft, one of the world:s largest video game publishers, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM) announced plans to release a video game based on MGM:s upcoming motion picture Rocky Balboa. The game will be available in Europe for the PSP System this holiday season, in conjunction with the movies theatrical release.

Ubisofts previous Rocky-themed video games have been hugely popular and we are really excited to be working closely with MGM on Rocky Balboa,? said John Parkes, EMEA Marketing Director at Ubisoft.

About Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa is the latest story in the sage of one of Hollywood?s most beloved characters, Philadelphia boxer Rocky Balboa. Retired, and with his beloved Adrian passed away and his grown son too busy to spend time with him, Philadelphia?s favorite boxer is a lonely man. When an ESPN sports show runs a simulated fight between Balboa and the current champ, Mason ?The Line? Dixon, Balboa wins, promoting a resurgence of interest in his illustrious career. Presented with the opportunity to wage one last exhibition fight, Rocky accepts the challenge, despite the protests of his friends and family. Facing a powerful young champion, personal tragedy and ultimately, his own doubts, Rocky steps into the ring one last time to prove that he still has the heart of a champion.