Det är tydligen inte bara varelserna i #Spore som utvecklas, du kommer även att kunna pyssla med spelets fordon i ett liknande verktyg. Amerikanska PC Gamer har lagt ut en intervju med chefsproducenten Morgan Roarty om vilka möjligheter vi kan vänta oss.

PCG: What are the main components of the vehicle editor?

Morgan Roarty: It’s similar to the creature editor, where you start with a body that has a spine in it and you put pieces on it like a Mr. Potato Head doll. The difference with the vehicle editor is that all vehicles have a chassis [as the main piece on which the vehicle is built].

We didn’t start with the chassis concept—we just thought the vehicle editor would be LEGO-style putting parts together. But born out of what we learned from the creature editor, we got the idea of the chassis, which everything pins to. The pinning is really key in the vehicle editor—it aligns pieces on the chassis, so for example, when you snap a wheel on, the wheels are symmetrical. Symmetry is another big thing—whatever you pin on is facing the right direction and aligned properly.

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