#Forces of Corruption är namnet på höstens expansion till #Star Wars: Empire at War och nu finns en första patch tillgänglig. Den duktigt omfattande changeloggen, som du hittar i sin helhet nedan, tar upp balansändringar, buggfixar och mycket annat.

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Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption by Petroglyph Games - retail

v1.1 patch

For PC: 1.1 update

Posted: 12/14/06

Thank you for downloading the STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR (TM) Forces of

Corruption update. This version includes all previous updates.

Installation: After downloading the update, double click on FOCUpdate1_1.exe to

install. The installer will automatically search for the folder where you

originally installed STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR: Forces of Corruption and install

the update. If the update does not Locate STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR: Forces of

Corruption on your system, you may need to reinstall the game and then run

FOCUpdate1_1.exe again.

This update addresses the following:


Balance Changes:


- Ion Cannon and Hyper Velocity Gun now set to a max of 2 per planet for both

single-player Galactic Conquest and Multiplayer.

- All fighters now do 30% less damage to space station shielding.

- Mobile Defense units are now victory relevant units in battle.

- Stealth units now de-cloak when stunned.

Missile Defense Turrets (Empire and Rebel)

- Missile volley increased from 4 to 6 missiles.

- Duration between volleys decreased from 5 to 3.5 seconds.

- Mobile Defense Units for all factions garrison cost

- Changed to pip values of 2.




Darth Vader

- Cost to assassinate changed to 15000 credits.

TIE Interceptor

- Cost decreased from 600 to 550.

- Health increased by 5%.


- Executor tractor beam can no longer target space stations.

- Executor now has population value in space.

Imperial Star Destroyer

- Turbolaser hard point health increased to 350.

- Fighter bay hard point health increased to 250.

- Shield Generator hard point health increased to 375.

- Tractor beam hard point health increased to 225.

- Ion cannon shot volley increased to 6 per round.

Death Star

- Capital Ship laser recharge increased to 60 seconds.

Tie Defender

- Base speed decreased by 10%.

Tie Phantom

- Shields increased by 15%.

- Health reduced by 10%.

- Cloaking ability recharge reduced from 55 to 10 Seconds.

- Cloaking duration increased from 40 to 80 seconds.


- AT-STs can be garrisoned with a pip value of 2.

- Dark Trooper IIIs can be garrisoned at a pip value of 2.

- TIE maulers pip value changed to 2.

- Speed increased by 30%.

- Point Defense duration increased to 25 seconds.

Magnapulse Cannon

- Skirmish multiplayer build cost increased from 1200 to 1400.

- Stun area increased by 50%.

- Duration increased from 10 to 17 seconds.

- Fog of war reveal radius around structure reduced from 1500 to 500.

- Stun now affects R2D2 and C3PO.

- Range increased by 10%.

Empire Offensive Sensor Node

- Added new particle effect.

- Targets acquired increased from 4 to 6.

- Attack range increased by 25%.

- Sight range increased from 500 to 700.

- Cost increased from 100 to 175.

- Now does damage over time while enemy unit is in its attack radius.

Arc Hammer

- The Arc Hammer now has a pop cap value of 2.

- Moving targets are no longer held in place by the Lancets beam weapon. If

moving targets get too far away the Lancet will now break off the beam weapon






- Shields reduced from 50 to 40.

- Health reduced from 75 to 60.

- Buzz Droid damage increased by 15%.

- Buzz Droid duration decreased by 6 seconds.

- Delay between weapon shots increased by 1 second.

- Buzz Droid chase range increased by 20%.

- Cost increased to 675.

- Build time increased to 13 seconds.

Skipray Blastboat

- Increased speed by 20%.

- Jamming radius reduced from 800 to 300.

- Jamming duration reduced from 60 to 30 seconds.

- Cost decreased to 700

Interceptor IV Frigate

- Special ability duration reduced to 7 seconds.

- Speed reduced by 20%.

- Shield refresh rate decreased from 45 to 40.

F9TZ Transport

- Cloaking duration reduced from 300 to 120 seconds.


- Hack Death Star cost increased from 38000 to 50000.

Crusader Gunship

- Health increased from 1000 to 800.

- Speed reduced by 20%.

- Point defense laser system time between shots decreased by 20%.

- Point defense duration increased to 35 seconds.

Vengeance Frigate

- Cloaking duration increased from 45 to 60 seconds.

- Cloaking ability recharge reduced from 35 to 15 seconds.

Keldabe-class Battleship

- Ion cannon shot volley decreased to 3 per round.

- Turbolaser shot volley decreased to 8 per round.

Space Station

- Plasma Cannon recharge time decreased to 120 seconds.

- Mass Driver cannon hard point health reduced to 450.

- Mass Driver cannon shot volley decreased to 8 per round.

- Plasma weapon hard point health reduced to 450.

- Plasma weapon shot volley decreased to 6 per round.

Canderous Assault Tank

- Speed decreased by 20%.

- Turn rate decreased by 50%.

- Shield strength reduced by 20%.

Mass Driver Turret

- Cost increased from 900 to 975.

Torpedo Turret

- Cost increased from 800 to 850.

Consortium Repulsor Jammer

- Skirmish multiplayer build cost increased from 1400 to 1600.

Mass Driver Cannons

- All Consortium Mass Driver cannons are now 25% less accurate vs. fighters.





- Speed increased by 20%.

- Damage vs. mines and defense satellites increased by 20%.

- Price reduced from 675 to 600.

- Lure ability recharge reduced from 90 seconds to 50 seconds.

- Lure ability activated duration reduced from 20 seconds to 14 seconds.

- Lure Ability now affects StarVipers and Skiprays.

Corellian Corvette

- Speed increased by 20%.

Rebel Uplink Station

- Skirmish multiplayer build cost decreased from 1800 to 1100.

- Sensor ping recharge time decreased from 40 to 23 seconds.

Rebel Orbital Bombardment

- Visual affect now properly displays on affected units.

- Droids now stunned during mirrored match games.

- Duration increased to 28 seconds.

- Price reduced to 6000.


- Shield strength increased by 15%.

- Base Speed reduced by 10%.

- S-foil speed increased by 10%.

MC30 Frigate

- Time between torpedo volleys increased by 1 second.

- Corrected an issue where player pop cap value would go. down by one when a

MPTL spotter is destroyed.

Gallofree Heavy Troop Transport

- T2-B Tanks pip value changed to 2

Rebel Trooper

- Health reduced to 48


Multiplayer Space Upgrades:


Asteroid mine health

- Increased from 1200 to 1700.

Reflective Armor

- Level 1 price increased from 575 to 1100.

- Level 2 price increased from 1200 to 2300.

- Level 3 price increased from 1900 to 3400.

- Level 1 build time increased from 14 to 28 seconds.

- Level 1 build time increased from 30 to 35 seconds.

Reinforced Durasteel

- Level 1 price increased from 750 to 1000.

- Level 2 price increased from 1100 to 2300.

- Level 3 price increased from 2900 to 3200.

- Level 1 build time increased from 23 to 25 seconds.

- Level 3 build time decreased from 45 to 40 seconds.

Targeting System

- Level 1 price increased from 850 to 950.

- Level 2 price increased from 1500 to 2500.

- Level 3 price increased from 2500 to 3500.

- Level 1 build time increased from 20 to 23 seconds.

- Level 3 build time increased from 33 to 35 seconds.

Black Market Engines

- Level 1 price increased from 650 to 850.

- Level 2 price increased from 650 to 1600.

- Level 3 price increased from 650 to 2800.

- Level 1 build time decreased from 20 to 18 seconds.

- Level 2 build time increased from 20 to 25 seconds.

- Level 3 build time increased from 20 to 33 seconds.

Carbonite Firing Coolant

- Level 1 price increased from 650 to 1200.

- Level 2 price increased from 900 to 2300.

- Level 1 build time increased from 20 to 25 seconds.

- Level 2 build time increased from 20 to 35 seconds.

Consortium Asteroid Mines

- Price increased from 850 to 1000.

- Build time decreased from 35 to 30.

Boba Fetts Sonic Bomb

- Does additional damage to fighters.


Map Changes:





Addressed the following issues:

- Adjusted mine locations on the Mandalore land map.

- Adjusted mine locations on the Bespin space map.

- Relocated reinforcement point on the Assault on Hoth land map.

- Relocated barracks on the Hypori Land map.

- Replaced space map for Bespin with a star field version.


Galactic Conquest:


- Players can no longer bring raid fleets that contain repulsorlift vehicles to


- Corrected an issue where the Rebellion and Empire could not produce capital

ships at Mandalore if either faction controlled the planet.

- Added missing Mon Calamari slave units and connected them to Mon Calamari


- Added 2 MC30 Frigates and 2 Mon Calamari Cruisers to each multiplayer

campaign on the Rebel side to better balance starting Rebel fleets against

Empire space heroes.


All Changes:


- AI will produce less land units above planets.

- AI will now wait longer before removing corruption.

- AI for all factions is more proactive about defending space stations.

- AI will use less transport units.

- AI for all 3 major factions will now build and use Mobile Defense Units.

- AI will now try to find and destroy Orbital Long Range Scanners.


Audio Changes:


- The Empire and Rebel factions now receive the appropriate warning for "enemy

fleet approaching" in galactic mode.

- The Consortium now receive the appropriate responses for Upgrade Complete and

Fire When Ready in relation to the Plasma Cannon.

- The TIE Defenders ion cannon fire sound effect now sounds like ion cannon


- The TIE Phantoms Scout related responses will no longer play when selecting

or moving the unit.

- The Interceptor IV Frigate unit responses for select and attack have been

swapped. The Interceptor IV was playing those responses incorrectly.

- Han Solo's remove corruption ability now uses the Rebel response instead of

incorrectly using the Empires response.

- General Veers no longer says "Incoming Rebel fire" when attacked by the



Additional Changes:


The following issues have been addressed:

- Intermittent crash when trying to neutralize ship-only or vehicle-only heroes

using the Neutralize Hero ability.

- Intermittent crash when the Remote Bomb ability is left on auto-fire.

- Adjusted the starting tech level slider setting in Galactic Conquest for the

Rebels under advanced options.

- Heroes would sometimes be taken out of play and never return.

- The fog of war would hide objects under the players control after using Yodas

force sight or losing control of the sensor array.

- The auto-fire box would overlay onto tactical production buttons.

- Consortium no longer receives the Death Star firing switch in the HUD when

the Death Star is in a battle.

- Long buddy messages sent from GameSpy will no longer overlap and corrupt the

save dialogue.

- The Consortium Space Stations Plasma Cannon Turret cannot fire immediately

upon starting a space battle.

- The Death Star's beam will now be visible when destroying a planet during the

'Enhanced Targeting' cool down period.

- Corruption particles are now correctly removed from a planet in galactic mode

if the planet is destroyed by the Death Star during a tactical space battle.

- Human players will now lose space skirmish battles as soon as there are no

human players left.

- Teammates will now be able to use captured Turbolaser towers correctly.

- The Repulsorlift Jammer no longer affects allies.

- Increased ability to ignore spammers in the internet lobby. Instead of having

to click on a players name to hit ignore, players can select a line of text in

the chat window and the player who issued it will automatically be highlighted.

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