#DICE framtidspangare #Battlefield 2142 har ännu en gång uppdaterats, den här gången till version 1.10, och för att få tag på den omedelbums behöver du som vanligt inte titta längre än FZ:s eget filarkiv.


X. PATCH 1.10



- Remove ability to resupply all unlimited ammo objects

- No longer able to use Sentry Gun pushing player into Titan Crate collision

- No longer able to use RDX DemoPaks drop through first section of the 3rd and 4th upper hallways of both Titans

- Away Bonus is now used when calculating in-game promotions

- Improved communication with GameSpy Database

- EU Duty Ribbon/PAC Duty Ribbon awarded correctly when all criteria are fulfilled

- ?Commander score" statistic no longer resets to zero

- Enabled tabbing to password field when using a dedicated server

- News Tickers Speed time to display increased

- When scrolling through the list in Multiplayer you no longer move both at the same time as the server info

- EMP effect on Gunships reduced from 4 to 3 seconds allows the gunship to recover when throttled up at medium altitude

- SL drone: Tweaked the acceleration on the left right aiming for the bot. It now acquires targets properly

- Adjusted pistols: Increased ROF Clamp values, slightly reduced damage fall off over range

- Adjusted up the damage of the HMG rounds to counter its lower RPM

- Adjusted and/or increased entry radius points for all vehicles

- Removed unused RangeFinder setting from EU Walker, Titan Guns to fix the APC/Railgun/FAV draw out bug

- Fix for latency and TV guided missiles (lowered the acceleration on the missile and fixed firing lag)

- Fixed active camouflage to no longer offset image

- Changed default server port to 17567

- Update to most current PunkBuster client files


- Reserved Slot Enhancement (Gives reserved slots the ability to be filled if not used)

- Unranked Unlock Control (Option to give all first level unlocks and Enable/Disable control of all other unlock levels use)

- Spectator Function

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