#id Software försker ge sina kreativa fans en vitamininjektion genom att annonsera en banknåpartävling till #Quake 4. Sista inlämingsdatum är sista januari och vinnarnas skapelser kommer sedan att ingå i ett officiell paket som ska släppas vid ett senare tillfälle.


* Winning participants will have their map included in an official community map pak released by id.

Basic Rules:

* Maps must be submitted by their author and be of their own design.

* Maps may not use custom textures or models.

How are the maps being judged?

* Maps will be judged on their playability, performance, atmosphere, originality, technical quality, gametype flexibility and file size efficiency.

How many maps will be included?

* 8-12 maps will be selected, spanning multiple gametypes.

Where do you send the maps?

* Map submissions should be emailed to: syncerror@idsoftware.com


* The deadline for entries is January 31st.

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