Trots att storebror [[Playstation 3]] nu finns ute på marknanden, om än i små mängder, släpps det fortfarande kalastitlar till föregångaren. Computer And Video Games har listat årets tio bästa titlar till [[Playstation 2]].

2006 will go down in history as PlayStation 2's last great year. Not it's greatest year perhaps, the proportion of sequels over quality new titles suggests a console running out of steam. And let's not forget the over-shadowing appearance of PlayStation 3 and the fact that 2007 still promises the release of God of War 2, Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Final Fantasy XII among others for PS2, but as a rousing send off before next March, April, May, possibly even Septemb/qer's release of PS3 in Europe, 2006 will be remembered fondly.

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