#Introversion har med sina tre titlar #Uplink, #Darwinia och senaste tillskottet #Defcon visat att de inte är rädda att skapa innovativa spel. I förra veckan avslöjade de namnet på sitt nästa projekt men för att undvika onödig [[hype]] väntar de med detaljer kring spelet. Utvecklingen kommer att dokumenteras via deras blogg, där du kan läsa mer om spelets bakgrund.

Our fourth game is going to be called Subversion.

Now I don't mind admitting that I'm a little apprehensive about this developer diary. Part of me would love to openly discuss our next game with the world, to shout from the rooftops about this grand idea that has been waiting in line since Darwinia took its place in 2003. But another less reckless part of me knows that bad things can happen when developers disappoint gamers, and gamers need few excuses to feel disappointed. This comes directly from my bitter firsthand experience on both sides of the fence. Several games developers who are far more experienced than us have fallen into the trap of enthusiastically promising the world during production, and ending up with a mob of pitch-fork wielding hardcore outside their offices threatening to burn the building to the ground unless their demands are immediately satisfied. We wish to avoid this.