Rinner saliven fortfarande efter [n=17124 dagens] #Crysis-film? I så fall passar en tekniktät intervju med #Crytek-chefen Cevat Yerli perfekt för att hålla flödet igång. Ett glädjande besked är att spelet inte kommer att kräva ett [[DirectX 10]]-grafikkort utan kommer att gå att köra på nuvarande generations polygonskyfflare.

GS: Tell us about how Crysis will continue to make the most of existing DirectX 9 hardware for users who can't upgrade their computers in time for the game.

CY: If you have a high-end DX9 card with an equal level of CPU and memory--basically today's "gamer rig"--you will enjoy Crysis with close-to-D3D10 fidelity. Don't forget that for a long time, we ran the game only on DX9 hardware, even though people thought it was D3D10. You can be sure your high-end gamer rig will satisfy your expectations--but with D3D10, you will surpass them.