I kölvattnet av att uppföljaren [n=17030 annonserades] har #Söldner: Secret Wars uppdaterats till version 33675. Den 286 MB tunga pathen innehåller en rad buggfixar, förändringar och balansfixar:

We are proud to release the new Soldner Patch 33675.

This patch is a full patch, with 286 MB download size.

With this patch you are able to update from each prior version of soldner!

Take care cause patch is deleting all files in your soldner folder that are not

needed by soldner.

Source Changes:

  • Several bug fixes with web admin interface (especial with map rotation)

  • New functions implemented to web admin interface

  • Hitboxed implemented for Soldier with following multipliers: head (2.5),

  • spine(1.0), hands (0.5), foots(0.5)

  • Kill statistics deactivated at servers with more than 4999 money

  • Xfire bug fixed.

  • New game mode frontline implemented

  • deleted lots of unused but loaded files

  • New weapon sounds

Map Changes:

  • lots of maps optimized for perfomance

  • 4 new Maps

  • Deleted some very big maps

Balancing Changes:

  • Helicopters Hydra Rockets explosion radius degreased from 7 to 4.5

  • Helicopters Armor degreased

  • Helicopters prices increased for armored helicopters

  • Vehicles minor changes for better adjusting of classes

  • rifles and pistols adjusted

  • Rocket Lounchers adjusted in prices and gravity

  • Sniper Kit price degreased to 50

  • Medi Kit healing time degreased

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