Vill du hjälpa #Sigil Games att jaga kodkryp i #Vanguard: Saga of Heroes ska du bege dig till Eurogamer. De har kommit över ett gäng betanycklar och först till kvarn gäller, i skrivande stund är det oklart hur många som återstår.

I samband med detta har de även publicerat en tvåsidig förhandstitt, något som även GamersInfo har gjort.

Perhaps, on reflection, Sigil Games might feel that putting the word "Saga" into the name was asking for trouble. Calling a game a "Saga" of anything, aside from inviting silly jokes about old age pensioners that don't play very well beyond England's shores, also practically guarantees that your development process will indeed become a Saga - a long, drawn out and somewhat painful experience abounding with whispered half-truths and vague generalisations. Still - even given the number of misconceptions and conflicting views which exist on the topic of Vanguard, Sigil's developers can at least count themselves lucky that they avoided the "Forever" pitfall, eh?

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