<img align="right" src="http://www.fz.se/bildarkiv/images/Armed_Assault/beta_88_1__png_jpgcopy.thumb.jpg" width="128" height="96" border="1" hspace="5" vspace="5"></img>Omdömena när demoversionen av #Armed Assault nyligen landade sträckte sig från "lovande" till "buggigt bortom begriplighet". #Bohemia Interactive är dock inte sämre än att de uppdaterar smakprovet, senast i dag med en andra patch som går under beteckningen 1.03 build 5114. Du hämtar den 20 MB stora uppdateringen från filarkivet.

De väsentliga delarna av ändringslistan (hela följer med patchen) ser ut som följer:

5110 - Fixed: Dedicated server can use missions in addons now

5110 - Fixed: Voice recording did not work with some sound-cards/drivers.

5111 - Added: On-screen icons indicating bad connection quality or desync in MP

5111 - Improved: Multiplayer screens layout

5111 - Fixed: preloadCamera and preloadObject always return true on dedicated server.

5111 - Fixed: Dedicated server crash on preloadCamera (causing CTI crash in the demo).

5111 - Fixed: Tanks could fall through narrow gaps in some models.

5111 - Fixed: Command line option -netlog was still not enabled in 1.02 - fixed now.

5111 - Fixed: Targets are made known to AI once message about them is transmitted over radio. This prevents situations where AI gunner silently rejected a command because not knowing the target.

5111 - Fixed: Random DS crashes

5111 - Fixed: DS - Mission voting results show correctly localized mission name for missions in addons

5111 - Fixed: Failure opening custom files (face, squad logo) might be causing server termination.

5112 - Fixed: DS crash (for group with no waypoints)

5112 - New: Push to Talk actions for voice over net

5112 - Fixed: Keys 0,..,9 and F1,..,F12 are reserved even when combined with Ctrl key

5112 - Fixed: Crash caused by target handling change in 5111.